The flaw in the change

A big fly in the ointment. My big changes in the paddocks have created a situation whereby I have to take SnowPea out of her paddock and walk her all the way around the greenhouse to the milking stand. Not a really huge issue, but sometimes the others in the pen are very interested in where she is going. So I have to very surreptitiously open the gate and let her bolt out and around. She knows exactly where to head and has no problem getting there and onto the milk stand. On the trip back, however, I have been putting her on a lead. After eating her grain she has the potential to be less motivated to go back around, although I haven’t found her to wander at all. She is a good goatie girl.

I think it takes them a lot less time to make these changes than it takes me! But they do seem to be getting along fairly well so far. And no one has come back into heat yet!

2 thoughts on “The flaw in the change”

  1. It seems so easy: take this one out of here, put these two groups together… But it is often a lot more complicated than that! At least Snow Pea is good about it, that makes a big difference.

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