Talk about adjustments!

The weather sure has thrown us for another loop. I expect it to get cold in November, but I think one day last week it was almost 60F and yesterday the temperatures tumbled into the teens, the wind gusts were over 40 mph, and the struggle with frozen stock tank water began in earnest. The wind was so bad that we spent most of the afternoon with the generator on because the power was out.

Of course we have stock tank heaters, and you would think that we would be all ready to go with them, but with the power out and the generator only taking care of certain things, we never got to it yesterday. When I did chores last night there was not much ice in the water buckets, so I thought this morning would not be too difficult. Wrong again! I was almost late to work today (and I left the house with the bed unmade which makes me nuts) because I spent so much time with the sledge hammer breaking up ice.

This afternoon the wind had finally died down, and we at least got one tank heater into the biggest water tank. One of our other stock tanks sprang a leak, so I had to bring that in to dry and see if John can fix it. It’s definitely winter out there :*)


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