A knitting time of year

Prairie Drifter Shawl
Ocean Drifter Shawl

Knitting has been keeping me pretty busy for the past month or so. I always have a project on the needles in some form, but when the evenings are as long as they are at this time of year, I try to get a little more accomplished. Not so easy, since by 7 PM or so I am pretty tired and on worknights I get to bed around 8:30 or 9 at the latest.

Comfy mitts
Comfy mitts

We have gone into the deep freeze here as well, which is another motivating factor on the knitting front. I finished my Ocean Drifter shawl awhile ago (made from our farm-grown Coopworth/Border Leicester cross wool with a little mohair thrown in), and then I finished some lovely, comfy fingerless mitts that match a cowl I knit last year from String Theory yarn (Caper Aran in Cobalt) that I bought at Spa. Lovely and soft, I am enjoying the mitts and cowl quite a bit right now! (The String Theory yarn is a merino/cashmere/nylon combo, very nice).

Simple triangular shawl
Simple triangular shawl

I am also knitting a simple triangular shawl as a Christmas gift for our elderly neighbor. It’s handspun, hand-dyed BFL/silk two ply. Kind of on the bulky side, I am crossing fingers and toes that I have enough to make the shawl as big as I had envisioned it. It’s pretty and soft, and I know our friend will love the colors. She doesn’t move around a lot and sits in her chair with sweaters and other things draped around her, so I am hoping she enjoys this. Doesn’t look like much yet, but it’s fun knitting that doesn’t take too many brain cells!

The last project I am working on is one I cannot detail yet. When we went on our summer retreat to Vinalhaven, we did some natural dyeing experiments on some raw clean fiber as well as some yarn. (Dyed with osage orange and cochineal bugs). We all took a portion of the spoils and agreed to do something with it and do a show-and-tell at our Christmas party. I will have to cover that project later :*)


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