Wintery vacation

Painted sky
Painted sky

I keep taking photos of the surrounding woods and of the animals in the still-snowy paddocks, but although beautiful, there aren’t really any new views! Snowy trees and ground definitely lighten the grey days, and even after the sun has gone down the brightness of the snow still reflects so much light that the headlamp is not always necessary. As always, I am watching the daily almanac to see how many minutes of daylight we are garnering, and I had almost forgotten how slow it is to begin after the Solstice!  2 minutes gain in the past week doesn’t seem like enough :*)

Bucklings in the snow
Bucklings in the snow

After a wonderful visit with our older son and all the kids, I took some liberties with the last few days now that everyone is gone. I have not gotten much accomplished, but it sure has been a relaxing time. We went for some hay late this morning, had some lunch at Moody’s Diner, then came home and crashed. I had intended to wet-block my Prairie Drifter shawl, but that has not happened! Tomorrow will be the day, I hope.

Right now it’s raining like a bugger, and I am hoping it doesn’t all turn to ice. We will cross our fingers, for sure.


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