Miscellaneous Monday

High Plains Drifter shawl being wet-blocked
High Plains Drifter shawl being wet-blocked

It’s one of those days: getting a little bit of this and that done, not getting anything big accomplished. We had rain, ice and snow last night, and it was so bad around 7:30 PM last night that our satellite dish was not behaving, so I missed about the first ten or fifteen minutes of the Call the Midwife Christmas special! Aargh! I am going to find some time this evening to watch the beginning again. This is one of the few tv programs that I actually seek out, there isn’t much on the tube that interests me in general. Unfortunately, the third season of Midwife doesn’t begin until sometime in March. Oh well. It will be here before we know it!

As the temperatures have begun to go down again and the wind is coming up this afternoon, I finally got around to setting up my foam pads upstairs so I could wet block my High Plains Drifter shawl (the one that I finished this past October). Although most of the shawl lay flat, the edges were puckered and it needed a good wash anyway. Usually I just wash my finished knit items and lay them out on a towel, but when you want the edges of a garment to lie particularly, it needs to get pinned out. I am not much of a lace knitter, so I have not really needed to get serious about this process. It looks nice all spread out in the spare bedroom! I can definitely put it to good use in this weather. We are supposed to be getting some terrifically cold temperatures in the next few days (in the negative numbers, with daytime highs around 1F). Brr. Time to put out more straw in the goat and sheep shelters!


2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Monday”

  1. Beautiful shawl! I missed most of the Christmas special as well. I hope they will stream it online so I can watch the whole thing. And Downton restarts in 5 days, so excited!!

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