Knitting is on a roll

Owlie swaddle
Owlie swaddle

Partly the time of year, I know, but I usually have a few knitting projects on the needles at all times. Multiple projects in the works usually mean that I don’t get very far on any of them, but they each serve a purpose (knitting that’s portable for faculty meetings, knitting for relaxing at night, etc.). I try to stay away from gift knitting because it actually has a ‘must be done by’ date, but baby gifts are different!

I am reasonably sure that the recipient of this gift does not read the blog, so I am posting the photo.  I love making the little Owlie Sleep Sacks that I began making a few years back, and since I had some superwash merino yarn on hand that I had painted, I thought I should use it. For once in my life I actually got something finished a week before the gift needed to be given! I am not wrapping it still damp from blocking! (Although I am very glad that I washed it when I did the other day, because it took a few days to really dry nicely… it’s been warmer this week and the furnace hasn’t been cranking). I am not a huge fan of superwash yarn. It feels funny when it gets wet, almost slippery. but it should be a help to a busy mom because it is washable.

Child-sized chemo hats
Child-sized chemo hats

More finished objects that have been blocked as well are the hats I knit for the Halos of Hope Foundation. (They donate hats to chemo patients all over the country). I used to do a lot of preemie hat knitting when we lived in NJ and I have only recently learned of the Halos group. Some of my favorite knitting podcasters are challenging their loyal listeners to a ‘throwdown’ that involves donating hats to the Halos foundation, but logging them in the name of their favorite podcast. I believe the final tallies will be counted the weekend of Stitches West which is on February 23rd and 24th at the Santa Clara Convention center in California. Most of the podcasts are pulling names of their donating knitters to win prizes, etc., but I am sure that most people agree that it’s just nice to be able to knit something that someone will get some good use from. I am throwing my two hats in with the Knitmore Girls podcast and the Knit Knit Cafe podcast. The podcaster teams really have quite the rivalry going, which hopefully is bringing more hats in. The purpley-blue hat in the photo is from a Woolly Wormhead pattern in Wee Woolly Toppers (Tubey). It’s much cuter in person than in the photo! The yellow hat is just a simple cap with ribbing.

So I have actually finished some knitting projects which feels pretty good. The problem is that I now have to decide what to knit next! And there are about 20 things that I would like to get going…

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