Winter white


Winter wonderland
Winter wonderland

Woke up to a winter wonderland again. The warm temperatures have pretty well melted the old, dingy snow and ice, and yesterday afternoon some wetter snow began falling. Thank goodness we did not get much here, but every twig and blade of dead grass is coated. It’s an amazing white world out there!

Yesterday afternoon the Maine Cooperative Agricultural extension held one of their traveling workshops on handling raw milk and milk products. It was close enough that I was able to go, but 3 hours wasn’t nearly long enough! I am not usually able to get to the full day workshop on dairy and milking room sanitation which is held in March, so this at least was a bit of a help. Lots of great information, but better yet were the attendees and the extension staff. Lots of knowledge in a group like that. Lots to think about as I work toward the possibility of getting a licensed dairy up and running.

Girls being patient, waiting for breakfast
Girls being patient, waiting for breakfast

In the meantime, today we are off to our Salt Bay Treadlers rescheduled Christmas party. I can hardly wait :*)


One thought on “Winter white”

  1. I love your girls! I wish you luck with your upcoming dairy business.

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