Re-tread Treadlers’ holiday partay

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Finally! We got the party off the ground yesterday, unfortunately without a few of our favorite people. The weather lent a lot of atmosphere to the day, but the snow was pretty persistent and when you live on a road that’s far off the main roads, it’s always difficult to predict the condition of the mains. The only reason this was an issue was because our friend Chris in Brunswick hosts the party, and that is about 20 miles from our house, but much farther for a few of the other members. So I picked up Pam from Hatchtown Farm, and our roads were atrocious, but then we got out onto Route 1 and everything was fine.

We excel at putting on a party that involves great food, fiber and friends. So we ate a beautiful meal and we did our show and tell with our island retreat fiber projects, which are totally awesome! (On our Vinalhave retreat last summer we dyed the fiber with cochineal bugs and some with osage orange, and each of us took two small skeins and some uncarded fiber to come up with a project). I knitted a hedgehog pin cushion, Pam made a beautiful wine cozy, Christine knit a fantastic warm and beautiful headband, Chris felted a snowman who wears a scarf knit from the yarn and is holding a heart made from the fiber as well. We are dying to see the project that our other island friend has made, but we will have to wait for that one. We also do a ‘hot potato’ gift pass around our circle which is always a lot of fun. I do not have my gift yet, as it will come from our friend who didn’t make it.

And so we finally were able to have an afternoon of laughter and fun. With a lot of great food! Now it really feels like the new year can begin!

One thought on “Re-tread Treadlers’ holiday partay”

  1. I love the pincushion but I am not sure I would be able to stick pins in him, he’s so cute. What a great idea to take yarn and fiber and see what everyone comes up with.

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