Weekend weather tease

Another cold and beautifully clear day
Another cold and beautifully clear day

It’s another weather roller coaster. Yesterday was the quintessential winter day: gusty wind, grey rolling clouds, occasional blowing snow. AND around 30 degrees. I didn’t even need a hat to do afternoon chores! Of course overnight it stayed fairly warm, only down into the upper teens, but as today wore on, with beautiful clear blue skies, the temperature fell. It’s about 10F right now and breezy. Supposedly tomorrow will be warmer again, with some snow showers. Perhaps I will be able to pry some of the ice out of the bottom of the boys’ water bucket.

The African violet is again in full bloom!
The African violet is again in full bloom!

Today was a general cleanup day. I have been trying to make a dent in the paper pile on the table, along with catching up on a little cooking (meatballs and sauce) and kitchen cleanup. I have done a little more knitting on my Hitchhiker, and also became engrossed in a my newest mystery read, Christopher Fowler’s Bryant & May/Peculiar Crimes Unit series. I do not know how I have missed this, there are at least 10 books in the series and I am hooked. The first book, Full Dark House, opens with the last case that the two friends will solve, and keeps going back to the first case that they worked in 1940 wartime London. Fowler’s use of language is superb, and I love the history and mystery combined. I am a mystery junkie, and British mysteries in particular are some of my favorites. So it was a good day all around, with the exception of the return of the cold temps!


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