TGIF and it’s warmer

Can't believe the temperature!
Can’t believe the temperature!

Energy drain central around here this week. I have not had the mojo to do much more than deal with the cold chore routine and work. And meetings. And chores in the dark, and work. But, this week has thankfully come almost to an end on a very welcome note… we went to bed last night and the temperature was 9F and blowing half a gale. Got up this morning and had to actually take a photo of the thermometer! 24F.

Maybe the slightly warmer weather will rejuvenate me. I don’t know why this week has felt worse than the last month or two but it’s just been a slog. Hopefully looking up. I won’t complain about snow if the temps can be consistently over 10! I actually mostly enjoy the winter with the cold clearness that it brings, and the evenings of knitting and reading.

And so it goes. Even in the midst of the brutal cold, the light is returning and so we will enjoy it as we can. And as the spring moves closer, I am beginning to feel the excitement of looking forward to the advent of birthing and goat kids. So as my son says, it’s all good :*)


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