It’s been a day

Saturday morning chore time
Saturday morning chore time

Not exactly the day I had planned, but I kind of lost my momentum when we got word that a friend of ours passed away this morning. Not totally unexpected, but we always hoped he would have more time. He was a very close friend of John’s, and it just really stinks.

Beige Boy checking out the new piece on the gate while Zorro looks on
Beige Boy checking out the new piece on the gate while Zorro looks on

So, instead of doing the gift sewing that I had been looking forward to, I ended up doing a day of cooking and cleaning, which is my default deal when things aren’t going well. Yesterday I had finally gotten over the week that was, with budget cuts hitting our district library staff very hard, and was hoping that today would be a satisfying one. Ah well, life just happens most of the time. At least I have gotten more accomplished on my Hitchhiker scarf/shawl. It is still an addictive knit. And the winter Olympics are offering some measure of diversion.

Bagels the Buck checking out the fence
Bagels the Buck checking out the fence

On another note, the weather was beautiful today, if still quite cold, and it wasn’t bad spending time out there as I had to tweak a few things up in the paddocks. The goatie boys are becoming bold and practicing their moves at the gate. I was surprised that Beige Boy didn’t go right over! So I had to tie another small galvanized panel to the gate, and hopefully that will be enough to keep them in. It feels like a piece-meal affair at the best of times :*)


4 thoughts on “It’s been a day”

  1. So sorry Nina, my condolences to you and John. What is it about cleaning and cooking our own nest that soothes our soul in the most difficult of times?

  2. I don’t know… it just seems to be the thing that works the hurt through to the other side. Or at least it moves it somewhere!

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