Don’t know how it happened

Today at choretime
Today at choretime

Well, I know, but it’s a bit of a surprise. I turned 60 today, and truthfully, I don’t know when it happened. It just snuck up on me, for sure. (The worst part of it is that the next decade birthday age has a 7 in front of the zero!)

Girls eating their supper this afternoon
Girls eating their supper this afternoon

The weather has gotten brutally cold again, and it seems as though most of the country is in for bad weather in the next few days. We are supposed to get snowy/sleety/rainy weather Thursday and Friday. Our February break begins this weekend, and I am definitely looking forward to it. I have lots of wonderful plans to meet up with friends and spend some time with our grandson. Good stuff. I think that the birthday shock will pass quickly. I can only hope. :*)

3 thoughts on “Don’t know how it happened”

  1. I believe that now is when your life really begins to get interesting…at least that what all the other 60’s women I know say ;D Happy Birthday! m.

  2. Happy Birthday! 60 Fantastic. Hope you had a gorgeous evening. Don’t sheep just love it when it is cold, we are freezing here and still they hang out in the yard! c

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