Vacation, grey weather and knitting

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(I did not have a chance to post this last night, as the power outage went on until close to midnight.)

What a stretch of weather. It will not stop! I am reminded almost every day that it feels like we are on the set of a Narnia film. But vacation has been good so far. Today I had a wonderful day with a friend from work. We had an outing to Portland, lunch, and just a regular good time, not missing a visit to Trader Joe’s and Micucci’s Grocery* (where my friend had never been! Horrors!). Over the past weekend I went to a friend’s shearing on a very windy, cold day. But there have not been many days that aren’t windy and cold recently!

The snow keeps piling up, and even the next few days with 35-40F temps probably will not get the darn stuff to disappear. And the rumor is that next week the ‘arctic express’ is returning. Ah well, as our farrier said today, “I wonder what we did to piss off God or Mother Nature!” That’s about what it feels like, I guess.

On the knitting front, I am making good progress on my Hitchhiker shawl. I have 11 more sections to go. Hopefully I can get at least one section per night accomplished. And I guess that none of that will happen tonight as we just lost power… probably a tree somewhere finally gave in to the heavy snow. Who knows! I think that I will just throw in the towel and go to bed.

*Micucci Grocery being the best place in southern Maine to get imported Italian cheeses, pastas, etc., outside of Boston.

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