Baby dances

Pippi from behind. Baby bump on the right.
Pippi from behind. Baby bump on the right.

If I was worried about not having any goat kids this year, I think I can relax. In the last week or two we have been watching the baby dances every day. Pippi has it the worst, poor dear, those kids are rocking and rolling anytime I am out there. She must be exhausted! All the other girls seem to be following along that way, so I am thinking that our little Bagels the Buckling did some good work!

SnowPea looking like she has a few babies in there!
SnowPea looking like she has a few babies in there!

Ruminant rumens bulge out on their left side (as someone on a caprine listserv commented, “their rumen sticks out on the side that would be the driver’s side of the car if you live in North America, it would be the passenger side if you are driving in the UK!”). So I have been watching the opposite side, and the jumping and rolling and kicking is fearsome. It’s much more difficult to see this in the ewes before they are shorn, but with the goatie girls it’s a lot more visible.


3 thoughts on “Baby dances”

  1. I wish goats were more like cows and you could “bump” them and sort of know if they are pregnant. This waiting kills me. I have three that were bred and all look like it took, but I know that this is not always accurate. My first experience with a pregnant goat ended up in an overly well fed goat. I waited and waited and waited. No kids, no milk, nothing but irritation at the fact that I was so sure she was going to have twins or more. Live and learn. Now I just hope that James and his Giant Peaches got the job done and all will be well during kidding. If not, well then, we won’t speak of that again…until next fall.

  2. I think the only sure sign is the udder development toward the end, but two of my for girls have very lively right sides, that were not like that a few weeks ago, so I am hoping that it is the real deal!

  3. I am sure it is. One of mine is developing nicely in the udder department. The other two I just dried off, so we will see. I love/hate the anticipation.

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