Saturday at last

Finally, the sun and the warmer temps
Finally, the sun and the warmer temps

And it’s almost over! Aagh! No, seriously, it was such a beautiful day I couldn’t believe it. In the 40s, at least for one day. Every little bit helps. I knew that there was a little rain forecast for early in the day, and the weather folk were correct for once. But it was a gentle rain, and it helped remove a little bit of the icy buildup in the driveway, as well as snow up in the paddocks. Of course, when the snow is removed from the surface of the paddocks, all we can see is poop and random hay bits on top of the layers of ice that are underneath. But that’s ok, eventually it will have to all go away. We can only hope!

Ready to unload the hay
Ready to unload the hay

So we waited out most of the rain and then went for a small load of hay. The roads around here are so frost-heaved that one of the bales bounced off and we had to make a U turn and go back and pick it up.  Eesh! But the sun had come out and it was warm and the sun felt good. Not nearly for long enough, because just as I was getting ready to go out for chores this afternoon another cloudburst came through. But with a little help from my favorite iPhone app, Dark Sky, I could see that it would probably only be 20 minutes to a half hour and then it would be through. So I used that time to get Pippi on the milkstand and trim her hooves. I am very behind on the goat feet and I need to catch up. I would like to get them trimmed up nicely before the kids drop.

The boys thought the whole truckload was for them!
The boys thought the whole truckload was for them!

And it’s time to get things ready for next week’s shearing. I have to figure out how to keep the ewes dry with a wonky greenhouse cover. And unfortunately, right now, it sounds like it might be rainy next Saturday. One more thing to worry about. Ah well, this too shall work out in the end :*)

As chores ended, the sun was at its best
At chore time, the sun was looking good!

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