Old and new

New pot on the left, old one on the right
New pot on the left, old one on the right

I know this is nuts, but I am coffee crazy. I don’t consider my day to be actually started until I get my first cuppa. For many, many years I was the only one who had coffee before leaving the house, so I used a one-cup drip Melitta. Easy, no big cleanup. But about 8 years ago our younger son came home to live and when he began working very early hours, I began thinking about the possibility of a coffee maker. Heresy! And that Columbus Day weekend I went out and found a coffee maker on sale and bought it. I knew nothing about drip coffee makers, and got a Cuisinart. I was in love! It was so wonderful to have coffee waiting for us when we got up, that I very definitely got used to it.

Fast forward to Tuesday of last week. The day began badly when I slept in until 4:25 AM. So the first strike was against me. (I get up at 4:10 on weekdays). So I was scrambling right from the get-go. When I shuffled out into the kitchen to grab my cup of joe I noticed that the whole tile counter was wet and the grout was dark and damp. Hmm. I took the carafe of the coffee maker out and was a little concerned that there wasn’t very much coffee in the pot. Hmm. It was too early to think this hard! Eventually, I realized that the reservoir had been leaking overnight, and began the cleanup. What a giant pain! I was extremely grumpy because I couldn’t even begin to enjoy my first cup of the morning, and to top it off I couldn’t fill my travel mug with my usual cup. Woe is me! Coffee rules my mornings, how sad is that!

Unfortunately the day didn’t get much better once I got to work. Just one of those things… thank goodness the sheep, goats, husband  and knitting were waiting for me when I got home. And thanks to the Big South American River, we had a new coffee maker here by Friday. Another Cusinart, just slightly different. The reviews online are pretty bad across the board on them, but since we got 8 years out of the last one, I am going to give this one a try. So far, so good. Variable heat plate temperatures and variable time for the unit to remain on are big features for me. Oh the small pleasures of the morning!


2 thoughts on “Old and new”

  1. Cleaning out the coffee maker is very frustrating if you don’t get your coffee before the cleaning. I did that couple of days earlier, needed to double the amount of coffee I usually drink in the morning 🙂

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