It’s official!

Zelda back view
Zelda back view

While making my rounds at feeding time I usually check on udders and backsides as I go around. I love seeing how the sheep and goat udders begin to just slightly develop, and watching those gives us a pretty good idea of how close we are to lambing or kidding. And backsides, because we are paranoid about vaginal prolapses. (Only dealt with one a few years ago and I am hoping that it will not be a repeat experience!).

Zelda's back profile with a little baggie showing
Zelda’s back profile with a little baggie showing

So over the weekend as I was dutifully going around checking on udders, I realized that Zelda, our largest ewe and also our last due, has more than two deflated balloons hanging there. She has a nicely rounding little bag going! They are all extremely hairy now, right down to their udders, but there is definite change there. Zelda is a wonderful, very focused doe. And she is definitely working on some babies. The time approaches! Yay!

Pippi's non-starter udder
Pippi’s udder with no visible budding

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