April break is here

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And so this week has screamed by. Busy with taking care of John after surgery, the new doe kids, and watching for more births, I got through Friday in a rather exhausted state. We had a lovely visit from our grandson over night which was a lot of fun as always, and then yesterday and today turned out to be a fantastically beautiful day so we spent a lot of time outside working.

Our beautiful doelings were set free on Friday morning before I went to work. It was time. I wormed their mama Zelda on Thursday morning, and then that afternoon I took the girls to the vet to have their hornbuds removed. When I got them home and reunited them with Zelda, she was definitely not happy with how they smelled (like burned hair)!  But she was happy to see them, and they were not at all inconvenienced by the procedure, the vet gives them an anti-inflammatory before she does it. And so they have a little bit of a Mohawk, and they are dancing around on the big rock and experiencing the big world of the paddock. AND, they are already noshing on the hay at the feeder, along with mama. Always amazing!

Yesterday afternoon I really thought that Elf was in labor, lying on the hillside in the sun, I really thought I saw a nose protruding. She kept getting up and licking her lips (usually happens when they are in labor) and then looking for another place to lie down. I ended up calling our friend Pam from Hatchtown Farm and we did a little closer inspection, but she definitely is not ready to kid. Being full of goat kid must be causing the bulge in the back end. All the goats but Zelda are looking uncomfortable now, but no one’s udder looks large enough to really be ready any minute.

So we wait and appreciate the wonderful weather. Lots to do this week and I already am feeling like there isn’t enough time!


2 thoughts on “April break is here”

  1. So agree with your lots to do and not enough time! We have one set of doelings. The two remaining due dates are just after the break. Hopefully, somebody will go early so I only have to worry about one during work. Enjoy the weather!!

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