Blustery and grey

Marigold looking over my shoulder, picking bits of hay off my shirt
Marigold looking over my shoulder, picking bits of hay off my shirt

That’s what we have today. It’s a crazy, wild one out there for sure. So far no new goat kids, but on a day like today that’s pretty much ok with me. It’s not that cold temperature-wise, but the gusts could knock you down!

SnowPea the trampoline
SnowPea the trampoline

We have had a fairly quiet few days. At afternoon chore time I am spending a lot of time out there messing around with the baby girls. They are so much fun. Marigold is the big-eared girl and Iris is the short-eared doe. They love to climb on me and nibble at my clothes. I am also putting their mama, Zelda, on the milkstand in the afternoons and milking her out a little bit.  It’s not that I expect much, but when the time is right she will already be in the right place at the right time. I am also getting our old faithful SnowPea on the stand, even though she hasn’t had her kids yet. It gives me the chance to get her a little extra grain, and I am fervently hoping that she kids and has good milk for us again this year. She is a wonderful milker. Here’s to thinking good thoughts about getting a doeling from her! She also is about the most even-tempered of all the goatie girls and acts like everyone’s grammie out in the paddock. She doesn’t mind any or all of the babies using her like a trampoline. She just sits there as though nothing were going on, chewing her cud and having her afternoon rest.

girls_feederTomorrow is Friday and the last day of April vacation. I knew it would be over too quickly! Next we have the amazingly fast run-up to the end of the schoolyear. I really can hardly believe it.


Thursday sky
Thursday sky



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