Good mama Elf

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Finally, Elf has had her big moment! I knew something was going on after chores yesterday as she kept walking away from the feeder and going into the greenhouse and just standing. So my hourly vigil began. Put on boots, get chore gear on, walk up, check on goat, return to house, get chore gear off.  I went out hourly until 1 a.m. and at that point she was bedded down with no signs of labor, so I went to bed. At 4:15 I woke out of a dead sleep and headed up to see what was happening. There were the babies, one dry and fed, the other one fed, not totally dry. Phew! Elf is a cagey one, she has always waited until our backs are turned, and then popped them out. She has never kidded at night before, however. She usually chooses midday and hides away while everyone else is napping out by the feeder.

Elf is looking relieved!
Elf is looking relieved!

The smaller of the two is a doeling, and she was definitely the first out. The buckling has two pounds on her, and is dark like his daddy Bagels. Both are beautiful and strong, the doe with short ears and the buck with long ears. Even though it’s grey and damp out with some rain this afternoon, they seem to be faring well, and Elf as always, is a very attentive and protective mother. I kept trying to take photos of the little guys and she kept inserting herself between the camera and the little ones. It took some convincing to get her to move!

And now it may be time to go and check on everyone again. Pippi, the white doe with the long beard, is looking like she is dropped and is ready to go at any point. Maybe she will do us a favor and wait until the rain stops tomorrow in the morning, or nicer yet, have them this afternoon!


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