Elf’s kids and Monday

Back to work today, vacation is officially over. It was also the day that needed a visit to the vet to get our newest little ones disbudded. We were lucky to have her fit us in, and so we got that taken care of, thank goodness (the earlier the better!). Our little girl has a slightly different coloring than her mother, Elf, but she has that same lovely face and is a total sweetie. Her brother is the picture of Bagels the buck, but with floppy ears instead of stand-up ears. Beautiful boy! They feel like such peanuts compared to the older doelings who are on a tear around the paddock at any point in the day that they are fantastic entertainment. The two older girls are very fond of climbing all over me out on the big rock, and that is my fun every afternoon. Even though the weather hasn’t been that warm, we are still appreciative of the fact that it’s in the 40s every day, and not in the teens and the 20s!

Tomorrow Elf will be wormed early in the morning and then hopefully everyone will be ok to be let out of their jug to join the rest of the goaties. Progress. Now all we need is for Pippi to have her kids. Not a clue when that will happen!


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