Chaos in the paddock

babesThis afternoon I got home and went right up into the paddock so that I could give Elf a vitamin B shot and (hopefully) her last antibiotic shot, and then I wanted to get her out with her babies while we still had some sunshine and daylight. I wanted her babes to have some time to get to know the other kids on the block and have some playtime.

Well, the kids did fine and made immediate friends with Marigold and Iris. I always put out the feed for everyone in the paddock, so hopefully all the girls are eating when I spring the jugged mama and babies so that they are all busy. Sheep and goats will pick on each other when one has been away from the others for awhile, and the pecking order needs to be re-established as well. I have always known that although SnowPea and Elf have had issues, most of the time they politely ignore each other. This afternoon I was really taken aback by the fight that ensued up near the feeder when Elf came out to join the others. Elf gave SnowPea as good as she got, but became tired of the head-butting and walked away, again and again. But SnowPea would not stop her bullying. Wherever Elf went, SnowPea would rush over and bite at her and push her around pretty ferociously. So Elf couldn’t get to the feeder to eat her hay. I was very amazed at how long this went on, the better part of an hour. So I took some hay aside and fed Elfie out of my hand on the other side of the big rock while the babies cavorted and slid around us over and over. Every time SnowPea approached, I wouldn’t let her into our little private party. I think she got tired as well, and I began to be a little concerned because she was breathing so heavily herself. She finally gave up and went to lie down by the feeder and finish her supper. By the time I came back to the house, everyone was stationed at the feeder and quiet.

Has peace broken out?  It's about time.
Has peace broken out? It’s about time.

I certainly hope they got it out of their systems. I worry about both of them, neither are spring chickens, and SnowPea is very pregnant, and has been the herd queen ever since her herd queen mama, Salsa, was out of the picture. I guess she takes her queendom very seriously! The baffling part of it all is that she never gave Zelda a sideways look when she came out of the pen with her babies two weeks ago. I don’t know, but it’s very interesting watching goatie society at work!


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