Pippi update

Pippi standing over her babies, eating her hay this evening
Pippi standing over her babies, eating her hay this evening

Sweet Pippi. Well, she’s at least eating her hay. She is still just eating part of her grain. Luckily she doesn’t pick around the alfalfa pellets (which have loads of calcium). I always feed the alfalfa pellets starting about a month before kidding, and keep them going as long as I am milking. I don’t think that I was giving the girls enough of them, but at least Pippi is eating. I have pumped her full of calcium gluconate, and I think that we are going to give her one more treatment in the morning, along with her daily vitamin B shot, and then let her and the babies out. I am beginning to think that she needs some exercise, and a little more freedom will possibly increase her appetite.  I weighed her babies tonight and found that her little girl has gained 2 lbs 6 oz and her little guy has gained a solid 2 lbs. Hopefully they will not be on her every minute after they get into the general population and she will have some peace to eat and get around. We will watch and see what happens.

Action at The Rock!
Action at The Rock!

This afternoon was a beautiful one, and I caught a little bit of action at the Rock!


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