Pippi et al.

Freedom for Pippi

Another couple of beautiful days here in midcoast Maine! Can’t complain about the lovely temperatures, which, along with a stiff breeze, are sending all the tree pollens our way :*) The goats are having a blast, and the paddock is really hopping with the 8 little ones bouncing around.

The usual antics on the big rock
The usual antics on the big rock

Yesterday I let Pippi and her babies out into the general population after her morning doses of calcium gluconate and another vitamin B shot. All three of them were thrilled. The babies just wanted to run wild, but Pippi is a very careful mama and she kept calling them back to her, keeping close tabs on them. She ate some grain at the feeder and John told me that he saw her at the hay pretty regularly all day. By yesterday afternoon her babies had truly become one with the kid gang, romping and playing out there like crazy. My favorite move from the goatie babies is the one where they walk up to one of the other moms and then just boing right up and onto the mama’s back, standing there like the king/queen of the mountain! Of course, most of the play still happens around the big rock, and I had a few chances to sit and let them rough me up a little. One of those little buggers can’t wait to jump up behind me and nibble on my hair. What a hoot!

So we will wait and see how Pippi fares. She looked good today. Fingers crossed!


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