Finally the weekend

Blue Faced Leicester fleece on the drying rack
Blue Faced Leicester fleece on the drying rack

It seemed like such a long week. But it ended wonderfully, with a trip to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Show on Saturday with a couple of my spinning friends. We had a great time! It was the perfect size sheep and wool show. And after the morning rains, we didn’t need to worry about the weather. I came home with an amazing 3 pound Blue Faced Leicester fleece, which is quite an amazing find. I have never dealt with a raw BFL fleece, and I am very excited to spin it up. Today was so beautiful, breezy and warm, and I got about half of the fleece washed up. By the end of the week maybe I can get the rest of it finished. So my next spinning project may just be this gorgeous stuff. I can’t decide if I will blend it with mohair or not. Hmm. What a lovely problem!

On the negative side, the black flies are now out in numbers. It is distressing for all the animals to spend too much time at the feeders, but such is the season. I am hopeful that it is not a long one. We have to break out the bug dope and do the best we can with the buggy pests. I hope it will not be a protracted season. Then we just have to move on to the mosquitos. Yay summer!


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