Rainy Saturday

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(The babies in the slideshow are the 6 youngest. Marigold and Iris were bellied up to the feeder with their mamas. No fooling around for them!)

Downpours were definitely the rule for most of today. I thought things would lighten up around noon, but that did not happen. By 5 when I went out to do chores, it had stopped, and I was relieved to be able to feed everyone outside.

I got an initial creep setup created yesterday afternoon in the kidding greenhouse. I have to replace one of the tubular panels tomorrow morning as it has a bent bottom bar, and I believe that the smaller goat kids could scramble under it and make a get-away (didn’t see that until this morning). I need the creep for them to be freely feeding, but I also need it so that I can block the access door and keep them in for shots, etc. I am almost there. I was glad to see the oldest two girls sleeping in there this morning when I went out, along with a couple of the littles. The bigger they get, the more they enjoy the room to spread out!

The playtime at the rock this afternoon was epic after all the rain. I took a series of photos, even though I was thinking the whole time that I should be doing a little video. Oh well, it the slideshow goes in order, it should have the same overall effect :*)  Unfortunately, the black flies are so bad that I have not been sharing in the playtime at the rock in the past few days… I need to keep that up so that hopefully I can handle the kids a little more easily. Soon. The spring has almost blossomed out, and soon we will move past the black flies. Really.


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