Pippi update

Pippi's beautiful brownie girl
Pippi’s beautiful brownie girl

Things are going well, in spite of the weather. Pippi is doing well, and her babies are thriving. Little Brown girl is quite the playful one, and she is not as shy as her brother, Oreo boy. Pippi does not seem to eat quite as much as the other does, but she seems to be doing a little better every day. She stays a few minutes longer at the feeder each time, or almost each time. This coming weekend I will probably weigh Pippi’s babies, just to make sure that they are still gaining well. But judging from their activity levels, I would say they are doing really well!

So for now, we keep watching. And hope for better weather!


6 thoughts on “Pippi update”

  1. So cute! Enjoy your baby animals. Will you keep them or put some up for sale? I noticed that you are a school librarian…me too! Three more weeks to go. How many do you have left?

  2. We will have most for sale. I am only keeping 2 doelings, most likely. We have until June 19th! Where are you?

  3. Sorry, I should have said. I live in San Antonio, TX. I came across your blog via the C’s farmy. I also crochet, dabble in knitting, and have attempted spinning, and quilt

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