The green time is finally upon us and it’s such a relief! This past winter seemed to drag out an exceptionally long time. The leaves are still a lighter shade of green right now, and it’s lovely to drive up the street and see everything filling out, in all shades, and leaves in all different sizes.

Meanwhile, the goat kids are growing like hot cakes. They have become a cohesive little gang, not always obeying their mothers anymore. It’s quite fun to watch. They are still loving their playtime at The Rock, but they also zip around doing sideways flips, kicking up their heels with big grins on their faces. I am beginning to plan for weaning time, which means I will have to set up one side of the paddock to be kid-proof. That is definitely going to be a challenge. They are worse than lambs at weaning time, and many a goat baby has talked his or her mama into standing up close to the fence so they can get a nosh. Little beggars!


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