Fiber frolicking 2014

Our booth at the Fiber Frolic
Our booth at the Fiber Frolic

We had a gorgeous weekend for the Fiber Frolic of 2014. So beautiful, however, that it was over 80F and no one was really looking to be touchy-feely with wool! But the crowds were there, and it was lovely to see all our usual customers and visitors. A new booth neighbor to my left was just delightful, and by the end of the day today we were all eating homemade ice cream from the ice cream  truck. Standing on a concrete floor all day is tiring, and it was good to get home and unload the car after I did chores and had a nice visit with the goatie crowd.

My yarn display. Not everything, but what was there was good
My yarn display. Not everything, but what was there was good

We finally have some good weather, and the multiple feet of snow and incredibly cold temperatures are now just a fading memory. The green and blooming trees are a delight. (My sinuses don’t appreciate the tree pollen and the mold, but it’s a hazard of this time of year. Bummer.)

And so another year at the Frolic is finished. I have a lot more product coming from the processor, so I will need to rethink marketing. Maybe it’s time to re-do the website and start selling online. Sigh. Too much to think about until school is out. 2 weeks and counting :*)


2 thoughts on “Fiber frolicking 2014”

  1. I know what you mean. It’s hard to even contemplate new things while work is going on. My last day with kids and teachers was this past Friday and I have two more days alone in the library and then I’m done. I am starting to decompress a bit and start planning the summer. Hang in there! Your booth looked great. I am not a spinner, tho I am a crocheter. I tried spinning, but it didn’t agree with me. Maybe I should try again sometime.

  2. Thanks! The booth wasn’t as full of product as I would have liked, but it was fine. Sorry that spinning didn’t agree with you. I find it a very relaxing activity, although maybe not at the beginning learner stage!

    Glad to hear that you are almost done for the schoolyear. 10 more student days counting today and a few workshop days in July. I have my list started on all the things I want to get accomplished!

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