When pigs fly

Hard at work every day, those homing pigeons get their exercise flights. Now that they have been flying regularly for a few weeks, we can expect most of what they are going to do.

Starting the circuit down to the loft
Starting the circuit back down to the loft

On their first flight, we could barely get them into the air and away from the loft. They were out all day perched in the trees around the loft because they were unsure of how to get back in. Now they are going out, flying hard, and then returning about an hour later. They land on the ridge of the loft roof, and then one of them leads the group down to the one-way-in door. Some nights they practically trample each other to get in to their dinner.

Landing near the 'in' door
Landing near the ‘in’ door

When I watch them in the air and they are flying pretty close, they look so silly. Little round bodies and short wings. I don’t know how they do it, they are amazing! Soon it will be time to take them in a crate to a spot down the road, so we can let them loose and see how long it takes them to get home. The pigs are definitely flying!

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