The Last weekend

grey_and_treesBefore the end of the school year! I can’t believe that last year this time we were already out, but then on the other hand, last year I had hurt my back really badly and wasn’t doing much of anything at this point.

Today the weather began morphing from very cool and rainy to humid. During the day we could feel it building. The deluge of rain began yesterday afternoon and continued overnight (2.3″), and now we are seeing alternating grey skies and dappled sun through the trees. It’s time for a warm-up, and moving toward July always means humidity here. And so it goes.

A highlight of the weekend so far is that we had a wonderful overnight with our grandboy, and mud puddle play featured large in our day. He wore me out with frisbee and ball-tossing into the puddles, and then he found a baby painted turtle in one of the biggest puddles. I thought I was going to get the refrigerator cleaned out and some fences mended, but am barely halfway there. It’s okay, we ended the day by having a romp with the goat babies and then flying the pigeons. They only stayed out for 20 minutes. I don’t know if the barometric pressure was weighing on them, or if they just wanted their dinner, but they didn’t do any high flying at all.

Tomorrow should be a winner of a day. Warm and sunny. Maybe I will get to the rest of the tasks I had on my list. And then 4 more days of school. Wow. I think I blinked and this year has gone by. The summer is winking at me and I hope that I enjoy every minute of it!


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