Turtle skies

Sunday sky
Sunday sky

Sunday, as advertised, was spectacular. We scurried around and got as much done outside as we possibly could. The sky remained a fantastic blue, and the clouds were phenomenal and quickly moving.

Painted turtle mama
Painted turtle mama
Snapper turtle mama
Snapper turtle mama

I did mega loads of laundry, and on one of my trips outside to drape something over a drying rack, I almost ran right into one of the springtime sojourners on the farm: turtles, of course! I love finding the painted turtle mamas making their way along the driveway and around the side of the house, but this time, I almost walked right into the path of a very large snapping turtle. Eek! I don’t mess with them, I give them a wide berth. So I backed up, and then decided to take her photo. She was right in front of where I park my car. And the day after we saw that there is a lot of dirt dug up near the garage. I don’t think she laid her eggs in that hole, but I guess she was testing it out.

It’s definitely the time of the turtle here in coastal Maine.


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