haytimeWe are a little late, as usual. The hay down in the field was ready two weeks ago, but last week John finally got the equipment working and got cutting. Of course, we had gotten 2.5″ of rain two or three days before that, and I don’t think John knew how wet things were going to be. And then the equipment went down, which we could have predicted! The vintage of our haying equipment averages from the mid 1960s if we are lucky. But it’s solid stuff, and with a parts machine or two, John can usually get things moving again.


Yesterday he worked almost all day on the tedder. And then today he finished up mooching parts from another one, and off he went to tedder, winrow and bale. I went down this afternoon with the pickup truck to start going up and down the rows so that he could throw the bales in. I can take them off the truck, but have trouble throwing them up into it. I guess I am too short for the F-350!  Luckily, he called some folks from work and they came down to help us load it up and haul it off to storage. It’s mulch hay, so it’s not coming to our animals. Hopefully in the future we will be making it for ourselves.

So another weekend has come and gone, and tomorrow is my real first day of not working, and since John is going to work, it will feel like it’s really summer.


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