Summer days

Goat shadows
Goat shadows

Are definitely here. The heat is edging up, and today the humidity is rolling in. And of course, our hay man called yesterday to say that he is coming late this morning with 90 bales. Going to be quite the hot time in the green house!

One of SnowPea's growing boys!
One of SnowPea’s growing boys!

As far as the goats go, we had a little quality time on Sunday morning, when I penned everyone and did some worming and vaccines (not their favorite thing to do, I may say!). Toward the end of the schoolyear I got a little messed up on my calendar, so I missed the correct date for the second CD&Ts for a few of the babies, so I think I will be giving those kids a third in about three weeks. And having given the calendar a good once over, I will now be thinking about moving some of these babes along!


2 thoughts on “Summer days”

  1. Pippi is fully recovered, thank you for asking. She has never had an overly large udder, but her babies are growing well and her body condition is good. She is back to her usual self at the feeder (that is, pushes all the other mamas away except for SnowPea, who is the herd queen). As long as the moms are nursing their babies or being milked, I feed out alfalfa pellets, so hopefully they are getting extra calcium there.

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