Hay day

Hay stacked in the greenhouse
Hay stacked in the greenhouse

I wish that I had the energy and strength I had even three or four years ago. The hay man did come yesterday, and sweet man that he is, did most of the unloading and stacking in the greenhouse. I maybe carted and stacked one for every four that he did. Pathetic!

Of course, I did do a lot of greenhouse clean-out before he even came, so I was already on my way to heat stroke when he arrived (I had to run back to the house and dunk my head in the sink, it’s amazing how well that works!). While we were unloading, the ocean breeze finally kicked in, and that definitely helped. But inside the greenhouse, even though it is an opaque cover, it is many degrees hotter as you can imagine! Us folk up in the northern tier of states are such weenies when it comes to heat, and add in the humidity and we are really toast. I took it easy the rest of the day and we made sure to turn on the bedroom AC around dinnertime :*)


One thought on “Hay day”

  1. I am hot and itchy just looking at it! But it looks quite nice quality and I know what a great feeling it is to have it in place.

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