Blackout in Bug Central

Insects we like!
Insects we like!

It wasn’t even raining or blowing last night and just before 9, the lights flickered, and then went out. I had just poured myself a nice glass of wine, and was settling back to relax a little before bed. Luckily, the temperature had gone down a touch, so without the bedroom air conditioner on it was not totally sweltering, but the muggies have hit us hard here. John ended up cranking up the generator, so we stayed up for awhile and watched something silly on tv. Around midnight or a little later, all the lights came back on. Not too bad an outage, but it made for a broken up night.

Insects we do NOT like, in the windowsill
Insects we do NOT like, in the windowsill

During this past few weeks we have also been battling carpenter ants. It wasn’t enough that we had the Great Wool Moth Invasion, but we had to begin dealing with ants. There has been sawdust coming down in some of the crevasses where the timbers on our timberframe come together, and we have not really been able to see who is doing the munching. And then in every window, we have had these long, thin flying ants emerging, and by the time Wednesday came along, they were making short flights all over the place, landing in our coffee, crawling over the computer, and really just being a terrible nuisance everywhere! We tried those ant traps, and one of the not so terrible sprays for the window sills, but we finally had enough and I broke down and called the pest control people.

Finally seeing some Lunas. Nice bugs!
Finally seeing some Lunas. Nice bugs!

It was not as painful a process as I thought it would be. They puffed really finely ground powder made from pulverized chrysanthemums into all the window crevasses and around the doors, and put some kind of gel bait up for the mother lode of ants that are tunneling in our beautiful timbers. (Apparently the powder works a lot like diatomaceous earth). We have been watching all day today and have not seen even one living flying insect, except a giant rogue moth that must have gotten in last night. So I am very hopeful that this will be the answer to the invasion.

Now we are just battening down the hatches for the anticipated 2.5″ of rain that’s supposed to come tonight, courtesy of Tropical Storm Arthur. I can’t complain about it too much as we aren’t going to get hit full-on with the storm, but that much rain in one night makes such a mess in the paddocks. Yuck!



2 thoughts on “Blackout in Bug Central”

  1. We have had good luck with Terro brand ant traps that use a borate solution, but our ant invasions have mainly been the smaller kind of ants.

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