A Week in Augusta

Michael Klahr Center, UM campus in Augusta
Michael Klahr Center, UM campus in Augusta

Unfortunately, I have been very out of touch this past week. As usual, I have been very busy, but in a different way for a change. I had signed up for a class on Teaching the Holocaust and Human Rights, at the very amazing Michael Klahr Center for Holocaust and Human Rights back in the spring, and along it came! I have been up in Augusta all week with a lot of amazing Maine teachers and librarians. It’s been a wonderful and exhausting week.

Klahr Center
Klahr Center

The Klahr center is part of the University of Maine at the Augusta campus. It’s housed in a beautiful building and run by some very exceptional people. It is a great resource not only for the state of Maine and its citizens, but particularly for its students. Today we had a viewing of their video presentation of “Were The House Still Standing,” which is much more than just a video, it is a multimedia presentation. It is also available for viewing online,* but in their rotunda theatre room, it is a totally different experience (3 screens, and another screen on the floor to one side, pretty amazing). This film covers the Jewish Holocaust experience, from the point of view of the survivors who came to Maine after the war, and of the native Maine G.I.s who took part in the liberation. It is a very moving experience, and one that I would highly recommend.

There are still quite a few Holocaust survivors who live in Maine and travel to speak with community and school groups. They are all reachable through the Klahr Center, and all worth inviting to your community or your school.

It’s been a great week, and we still have one more day. I am also looking forward to kicking back this weekend with the nice weather, but I also have a lot of new reading and material to dig into as well. I love to have a stack of books beckoning me!

*When using the Chrome browser I can only get the audio to play, but the audio AND video shows up just fine on Safari.


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