July Pippi update

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Just general relaxation is ruling the morning so far. I had a chance to sit with the goats and enjoy the nibbling and requests for neck scratches and pats while doing chores, which is a nice way to start the weekend.

Thank you to everyone who has inquired about our Pippi’s health. She is doing very well these days and I believe she is up to her old self again. Pips is very aggressive at the feeder and does not walk away at all. Her babies are growing like weeds, which is also another good indication that she is doing well. I have made numerous attempts to get a video of her at the grain feeder because she grunts and talks to her food, which is very funny (she did not do this when she wasn’t feeling so great). But the shadows are not right, or the others get in the way, and I have not had any success yet. I did get a cute short video this morning of some of the kids at the feeder, and that is on my Instagram feed.

The weather has turned absolutely gorgeous and clear, and so cool last night that we had to close all the windows downstairs this morning! My favorite kind of summer weather. And the big excitement that’s brewing now that I have finished my professional development in Augusta: the 4 day annual spinner’s retreat next week :*) Vinalhaven Island, here we come!

*(I made a mistake in one of the photo captions: Henry is the black and white buck, but the brown buck checking Beezus out at the feeder is not named! He hopefully will be finding a new home in the near future)


2 thoughts on “July Pippi update”

  1. I guess it’s that time of year! We are getting a couple of easy days before the humidity returns tomorrow night. Sigh!

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