Rest and retreat

Waiting for the ferry
Waiting for the ferry

Our little spinning/knitting getaway on Vinalhaven Island was a roaring success last Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as a much-needed recouping of positive energies.

The beginning of my knitted "Traveling Woman" shawl
The beginning of my knitted “Traveling Woman” shawl
Lineup on the porch
Lineup on the porch

Our little group always has a spectacular time, and we hands-down always have the best food. Too much, usually, and this trip was no exception, either. We did much cooking, spinning, knitting and a ton of laughing. We were almost sick the other night we laughed so long. But that’s what we needed, and to top it off, the weather was gorgeous! (The views out of every window and from the porch were spectacular as well, which doesn’t hurt!)

It was an amazing 4 days. Fantastic to be away, and good to be home again with husbands, grandchildren and extended families. And of course, I always miss my goatie crew :*)

What a view!
What a view!


Browning the goat for the curry
Browning the goat for the curry

8 thoughts on “Rest and retreat”

  1. What a wonderful retreat that must have been. The few I have been on have always been delightful. Welcome back!

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