SnowPea in a snit

In the weedy goodness
In the weedy goodness

I have been chugging along with the milking and cheese making this last few weeks without a thought. Every day I try to let the goat groups have access to a different area of weedy goodness. The other day big Zelda got out of my movable panel area, so I left the girls inside their paddock (with plenty of hay) because I was going to be out most of the day and didn’t want her getting into trouble.

SnowPea after milking (she wasn't this empty the other day)
SnowPea after a regular milking (she wasn’t this empty the other day)

When I returned and went out on Monday afternoon to milk, I found that not only did SnowPea not want to get onto the milkstand, but her udder was almost empty. That was really quite a shock! She wasn’t in the mood to eat her grain, either. This kind of situation immediately led me to start frantically thinking about milk fever, or something equally bad. As I got her off the milkstand, I fumbled with the gate, and I noticed that she was greedily munching on some of the weeds at the side of the greenhouse. So I left her there while I finished chores, took her temperature (normal), and put them in for the night with some molasses water.

Udderly full
Udderly full

Yesterday morning I did not milk SnowPea, even though her bag had grown a little. I made the girls a new weedy/grassy pen, and left them to it (I always put some hay out for them as well, which they pick on periodically during the day). And last night she got onto the milkstand with a full udder, and happily went after her dinnertime grain. This morning she was her usual milky self as well.

I think our sweet mama SnowPea was having a little sit down strike! She was not happy with me about no greens on Monday, and it sure translated quickly into no milk. She certainly is the Queen of the Herd here, and she knows how to get the best working conditions for her girls :*)


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