Beige Boy, showing off as usual
Beige Boy, showing off as usual

It’s that time of year again. The goatie boys are beginning to get amorous ideas about the does, and Beige Boy is the worst of them all. He is already peeing on his face, and I can smell him from halfway up the driveway if the wind is coming my way. What a stanky piece of work!

Since the boys are turning their thoughts and behaviors toward strutting their stuff in front of the girls, I have to stay on my toes. When they start thinking about breeding, they get bold, so I really can’t turn my back on them even for a second. I can’t even get into their pen right now without stinky boy getting right in my face. Luckily, he has not begun to curl his upper lip to get a whiff of female hormones when he is standing next to me. That’s when goatie boys really go wild (and of course, SnowPea and Pippi use me as a scratching post whenever I am near them, so my clothes must smell really nice!) :*)

Must be these cool nights, warm days, and less daylight. Little busters! It’s only August 10th and I am feeling like autumn is tapping me on the shoulder.


4 thoughts on “Stinky”

  1. All male goats do it. They pee on their front legs and the rub it all over their heads. It’s quite a stunt!

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