Love this weather

Early morning sky
Early morning August sky

It’s the middle of August and everyone is complaining about the weather, as usual. I am loving it, however, as the temperatures are unusually cool for this time of year. I don’t believe I am the only one that’s enjoying it, either! The animals are all looking a little more sparkly and a little more active. The downside is that this weather just reinforces the boys’ feeling that they should be spending quality time with the girls!

Bagels courting Elf's doeling through the fence
Bagels courting Elf’s doeling through the fence

I am not trying to rush the autumn, but we are seeing some leaves turning already, which tends to happen toward the end of August no matter the weather. It’s human nature to want to look at that as a foreshadowing of the length and roughness of the winter to come; I’m not worrying about that yet, but just going to appreciate every minute of non hot and humid weather we get :*)


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