Post-race week

Has been a crazy one! One of our pigeons came in second place in Monday’s race, which certainly isn’t too bad for not knowing much about this whole thing. Next race is on Sunday, from Jackman again. Of course, this week we thought we had lost two pigeons during training runs. They eventually found their way back, but one came in with a damaged leg and a hurt wing. I still can’t believe that they all keep coming back, but we have been lucky in that way. So we shall see.

The other craziness is getting ready for the school year to begin. I worked in both of my buildings this week at least 3 days, and will go in again for a few days next week, and then we start full time on Wednesday. I really have to get into the school groove again, and start getting up earlier than 5:15 or 5:30. Dare I even say that I have lolled around until 6 a few times recently! I will have to get up early tomorrow because I am lucky to be taking a workshop on silk, it’s history, cultivation and the spinning end of it, in Portland. Have to get going early, but it will be a great day.


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