Very blue sky day

Blue Friday sky
Blue Friday sky

It’s like autumn out there, and I wish it would stay that way! I love it. But as usual, the hot humid weather is arriving on Tuesday, just in time for the first day of school for the kids. Ah well, nice to enjoy it this weekend at any rate.

Waiting at the nearly finished loft
Waiting at the nearly finished loft

Our pigeons had an early race this week because Sunday looks a little thundershowery. They were released in Oakfield, Maine this morning, and some of them got back in about 3 hours. Not bad for 160 miles, but it was thought that there would be a better tailwind than there was. All but one of our flyers are back as of this evening.

The main structure of the loft is just about finished; the roof only needs the ridge cap and parts of the inside need to be tailored to the groups that will be hanging in there. All the birds are together right now and they are beginning to pair off a little. So we will need to have a section for the families and one for the single males. Soon, I am sure. And we have 8 more races to go !



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