Such a week

One of our flyers
One of our flyers

Getting back into the swing of the work year is always a bit of a rude awakening (especially when that awakening happens at 4:15 a.m.!). But it seems like we have also had a serious pile of crazy added to it.

Last week during a training run our best bird, #828, failed to come home. It wasn’t a particularly hot or windy day, but he just never showed up. He did, however, come limping home about 4 days later, and we had a tough time grabbing him because he was hiding under the loft building. Not a good sign. Awhile later we found him inside the loft, back with his buddies, but in pretty bad condition. Most likely savaged by a hawk. He was missing all kinds of feathers, and pretty cut up. We took him to one of our pigeon friends who thought that he might make it if we were to separate him and clean him up, give him electrolytes and special easy-to-digest food. So we did. He seemed to be getting better, was eating and pooping, and a friend recommended we treat him with Ledum, as it had seriously helped with a chicken that was attacked, and another friend had used it on a ram with a badly infected head. Unfortunately, I think he was away for too many critical days, and was too far gone. He died yesterday, so our thoughts of keeping him just as a breeder were done. Poor little guy. He was a tough one, and you do read about homing pigeons who endure a lot and get home okay and survive. But I guess it just wasn’t in the cards for him.

Waiting for a peanut treat
Waiting for a peanut treat

Added to that, the litany of aggravating craziness just keeps on coming. Last week the washing machine was out of order; end of the week we lost our hot water for 36 hours; this week our refrigerator crapped out (but the freezer part is still working); I got another denial on my NJ pension; and the real topper: a wonderful woman who ran our middle school cafeteria for many years and had beat cancer, just didn’t wake up the other morning. 54 years old and the sweetest, most positive and upbeat person I have never met. She will be sorely missed by so many. I can’t even really process it.

So in the scheme of things, the washer and the refrigerator, and the pension hoo-ha doesn’t really amount to much. Frustrating, but nothing compared to the loss of a dear, sweet soul. Maybe she and our pigeon boy are out there somewhere smiling on us. I hope so.



5 thoughts on “Such a week”

  1. Sorry to hear about your pigeon. I rescued a pigeon that had been attacked by a hawk and was in bad shape. I took it to an experienced bird vet who first of all wanted to put it down, but in the end, gave me the cat/dog antibiotic Metacam – and a tiny syringe to give the pigeon a tiny amount of the antibiotic, plus painkillers. The pigeon survived and is in fine shape. I;d always check with a vet before giving meds that have been given to other animals, one doesn’t know the quantity that should be given, or how they will work on a pigeon, only a vet will know. A bird vet, although with vets the default position always seems to be to put down an injured animal, too often. it was hard work to keep the pigeon alive, I spent two weeks changing its bedding every time it pooped, to avoid bacteria getting into its wounds, but it was worth it.

  2. Wow, good for you. We did have three lifelong pigeon breeders giving us the advice, but a bird vet would be a good thing to find!

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