Almost there

SnowPea just after milking in our little circle of light in the morning
SnowPea just after milking in our little circle of light in the morning

Yes, teachers do long for the end of the first full week of school! It’s wonderful to catch up with the returning students, realize how much more mature most of them are, but it’s always chaos with the schedules that need to be tweaked, and all the other little things that are not in place yet. E-textbooks that need to be downloaded, etc. It’s exciting, but also exhausting. One more day to the weekend :*)

Add to that the fact that every day it seems as though a different goatie girl is in heat. There is a lot of stinky boy action up there, and a lot of girl-calling to the boys. Such little hussies, taunting the boys over the fence! Ah well, this is all part of the onset of autumn. I am seeing a lot of trees beginning to get patches of color on them, so the time is coming. I am not ready for the deep cold, but I am ready for the crisp temperatures of fall.

John got me set up with a light in both the milking greenhouse and the hay/grain greenhouse this week. It has made such a huge difference! It’s my cozy little oasis of light in the dark mornings. Very peaceful, although we are sharing our last minutes of summer with the frantic grasshoppers and crickets. They (along with the peepers and frogs) are the ones that I really miss during the long winter. There really is nothing like listening to the cricket’s song along with the hissing of the milk into the milk pail.

The wind is rising tonight and we are waiting for a bit of a cold snap. And it’s almost the weekend, thank goodness. Definitely looking forward to that!


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