Fair going and Happy New Year

Oxen at Common Ground
Oxen at Common Ground

It’s been a really busy week. On Saturday we made our way up to Common Ground, the Maine Organic Farmer’s and Gardener’s Association big festival in Unity, Maine. We try to get there most years, and it doesn’t always happen, but it’s a great fair. I love the working horse and mule teams, and the oxen and donkeys as well. There are always heritage breed pigs and pig breeders there doing talks and demonstrations as well. Saturday was an incredibly blustery and grey day, which made the going a little bit more challenging, but we enjoyed it tremendously (and I scored the seed garlic that I wanted, so it was an extra successful trip!).

Another Common Ground visitor
Another Common Ground visitor

It feels as though I have been scrabbling to get through the work week. The mornings are getting darker, and unfortunately, I had a meeting of the minds with Zelda, the largest goat on the farm, end of last week. It resulted in a spectacular black and blue on my forehead. (She was lying by the feeder, and in the dark I came up to clean out the trough. I bent over and she hopped to her feet at the same time. Neither of us knew what hit, and boy is her head hard! I am very sore, and my husband thinks someone will think he is beating me. Farm-related injuries always look bad!).

View of our elderly birch tree in the afternoon
View of our elderly birch tree in the afternoon

It’s really looking a lot like autumn out there right now, the trees are beginning to put on their party colors. The drive to work has been spectacular this last few days, with mist hanging in the hollows and gorgeous orange and pink sunrises. I don’t mind the cooler weather, either!

And for all of you who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah, have a Happy and Healthy New Year 5775!


4 thoughts on “Fair going and Happy New Year”

  1. Ouch! What you need is one of those head lamps on an elastic strap. I bought some and use them all the time! My husband giggles at me, but it helps when doing stuff that requires both hands and extra light.

  2. I have one and I can’t wear it on my head (gives me a headache), I wear it around my neck. I have a very specific pool of light from it, and anything outside that area is kind of lost. Plus, I was probably not being very aware! 5 a.m. Definitely dark!

  3. I clashed heads with a ram-lamb who had orf (infective pustular dermatitis) a couple of weeks before my daughter’s wedding. The black eye had nearly gone in time and the orf never developed. Get well soon!

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