Tesser update

Tesser having a rest after the last vet visit
Tesser having a rest after the last vet visit

Well, we have more blood results for our little Chihuahua. She does not appear to have a kidney issue, it looks like she is polycythemic (not sure if I have the spelling correct here). She makes too many red blood cells, so her blood sucks all the extra water out of her system into the blood, leaving her dehydrated. As we have been giving her fluids under her skin, she has perked up. It’s all in the balancing act, I guess!

So we have some new hope for our future with little Tess, and we just have to be a little more careful about her fluid intake and watch how she feels, as well as feeding her a more balanced diet. Being a lot more observant is the key. Totally worth it!


3 thoughts on “Tesser update”

  1. Good to hear it is not her kidneys. Do they know what the origin of her polycythemia is? Good luck with her. She looks like a sweet little dog.

  2. They are not sure. One of the vets thinks she is an “absolute.” Meaning, I guess, that her body just does it. Only other possibility is that there may be a growth somewhere secreting the hormone (or whatever) that is pushing her to create those red cells. We shall see!

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