Lull in the mess of rain

Brief lull in the downpours
Brief lull in the downpours

Another insanely crazy week is moving by. A family friend from NJ has been staying with us for the past 10 days and left today, to make the drive back to the NY area. It’s been a wonderful visit, and in the midst of all that I had to go out of town over the weekend.

I knew this crazy weather system was moving our way, but really did not want to believe that we would be getting the better part of 3-4 inches of rain. The paddocks are a mess, but John and our friend got to replacing a tarp on the greenhouse that the girl goats use for their shelter. Just in time. And the grassy areas in the paddocks are very firm and nice, so I am feeding them up in those areas while things are soggy.

On the milking front, while I was away this past weekend, John was unable to catch SnowPea in order to milk her (that little bugger, she is a caution). So she went another 4 days without being milked. I think I am going to start drying her off. Two 4-day non-milking days in the last 3 weeks is enough of a cosmic sign for me. So we are down to milking every 4 days, and then we will be finished. It’s that time of year!


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