Last week of October

Dinnertime, and it's still light!
Dinnertime, and it’s still light!

It’s beginning to feel as though I am down to a blog post a week, which is definitely not my intention. Work has been totally draining, and after getting home and doing all those things that need doing, I end up in the chair with a glass of wine, nodding off.

Things are chugging along, and I am aiming to set things up for breeding this coming weekend. I need to get the boys settled in a different area so that I can put the girls who are going to be bred in where the boys are now. With their intended beau.

I am hoping that we can get some outdoor work in this weekend as they are forecasting rain and snow in some areas of Maine. Yay. We need more moisture like a hole in the head! I am still dealing with the last 4″. Nuts. At this point I would rather have snow than torrential rains. But many of the trees are still holding onto their leaves, which gives me the feeling that we are holding onto autumn for a little while longer. But it’s almost November, and I do not have a clue where October went.


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